This adventure started as an experiment to learn how to build web sites. My knowledge of computers was minimal and I didn't even own one in 1995. I took one computer class in high school and wrote two programs in BASIC. That was it. My mom bought a computer and she asked me to help her hook it up.

That's how it all started

Over the years, the technology changed and I eventually went to college and ended up in the IT field. It's what I love doing and it's always been what I've loved doing. It just took my mom buying that computer for me to discover it. How many people can say that they get paid for doing what they love?

In some way, shape or form, this web site has existed for nearly 20 years and I count it as one of my greatest life achievements. Some people may think that it's a bit much to put that much stock in a web site, but what they don't realize is, I've met some incredible people along the way that I'm happy to say, I'm still friends with. I've met people from all over the world and all across the country and I got to travel to different places. The site may be ending, but I've managed to gain friendships that will last me the rest of my life. How can I possibly have any regrets?

To everyone I crossed paths with, whether that path was paved in gold or littered with broken glass, I thank you. My experiences and relationships over the past 20 years, as a result of this site, have allowed me to learn about myself and grow as a person. I am grateful for the experiences and the friendships.

Finally, I want to thank two people specifically - Kelly and John. It's like we were a team from Day 1 and we build some pretty awesome shit. Kelly was my emotional support and my muse. She IS a great person to bounce ideas off of and one of the dearest friends I'll ever have. John bailed me out on several occasions when it came to coding. He built the first PHP site and saved us all a ton of time and headaches. You have grown into a fine young man and I appreciate everything about you.

I will now bring this to an end. I will do so in the same way I have ended many of my messages to the folks of this great institution over the years.

Carry on